Integrative Medical Services is proud to be the recipient of a $2 million medical grant from a local educational institution to study our protocol on degenerative illness. If you or someone you know would like to know more about becoming a candidate for this study please contact us at or call 615 818 0843.

Refresh and Renew

Integrated Holistic Treatment Plan​

A specialized treatment plan will be created for your individual needs that will address your mental, physical, nutritional, and emotional health. You will have the opportunities to schedule two visits with our physician and naturopathic doctor.

Medical Evaluation:

Thorough Past Medical History Review
Comprehensive Physical Exam​

Diagnostic Medical Testing​


Nutritional Assessment with Body Composition Assessment​

Optimal Health Package

This is a Three Month Package!!!​
Comprehensive Physical Exam and Diagnostic Testing
with Physician ​
Nutritional Assessment with Body Composition Assessment​
Twelve Week Intensive Therapy Package​
Bi-Weekly Visits with Naturopathic Doctor​


  • Disease Prevention and Maintenance
  • Cancer Treatment
  • Diabetes Treatment
  • Hypertension
  • Prostate/Colon Care
  • Therapeutic Nutrition and Fitness