Pamela Chastain – Practice Administrator

Pamela is a Nashville native, spending the last three decades working in the medical community.  She began working within the medical corporate arena while finishing her education.  Seeing the need for organization and strong administration behind the scenes, helped her establish the love for the business side of medicine.  Over the last three decades she has managed large medical practices for numerous specialties as both a Practice Administrator and as a Consultant.  

Pamela made the move to naturopathic medicine while pursuing answers for her and her family’s health.  Her belief in the body’s ability to heal itself and the desire to have more control over her own health issues has solidified her belief in Dr. Young’s protocols.  

Pamela is married to Alan Chastain who still proudly serves in the Army National Guard.  She and Alan have eight children and one granddaughter.  She is an author, with her first book being published in 2019.