LaQuita Scaife- Patient Concierge

LaQuita Scaife graduated with a B.S. from Belmont University, Nashville, TN. She also studied Spanish and it’s culture at The University of Madrid, Madrid Spain. Later in her life when she realized and experienced the importance hormone balancing, she attended The Medical Educator Consortium in Bioidentical Hormone Therapies, Phoenix, AZ, receiving her Certification and Accredited 27 AMA/PRA; She also received a Biote Certification in Bioidentical Hormone therapy and supplementation Tampa, FL.

Born in Helena Arkansas, but calls Nashville TN home, LaQuita has 12 years experience in natural wellness and healing.

Watching our nation’s health and wellness decline in not only our older citizens, but in teens and young children as well, has created in her a desire to be an educated resource to those who wish to improve their own health. This led her to open her own company The Health4LifeCenter, a nutritional and natural healing company that served the Nashville area for several years.

LaQuita has also been a hormone consultant for countless men and women for the past 10 years showing them how to attain a youthful mind and body through the use of natural bioidentical hormones. Her passion is educating people on how to get healthy, feel better and make good health decisions for the rest of their lives.