About Us

For years Integrative Medical Services has provided our patients with superior care and compassion. From the beginning of Dr. Young’s conception, Integrative Medical Services has been dedicated to finding solutions to your health issues through many different naturopathic protocols. Your road to good health is a plan that is designed just for you and no one else.

This has resulted in a loyal patient base providing many referrals for us over the years with a staff that is just as dedicated as Dr. Young.

The staff of Integrative Medical Services is made up of experts that are highly trained and passionate about each patient. If an issue arises that proves to be more challenging than normal, we use our team approach collaboratively to get the insight needed to resolve it.

Relying on input from our highly skilled Medical Director or Nurse Practitioner or to our own health expertise with years of experience in natural health, we will dedicate our time and our efforts to find the best solution for your health needs, large or small.